Friday, September 24, 2010

Spider Might

Whoa, how could I forget? I found a Black Widow spider in a watering can at my house. This can hadn't been used for a while and I had stuck my hand in it to pull out some debris and a few spider webs. I went to get the hose to rinse it out and just as I was about to, a Black Widow crawled out from inside - from inside the watering can I had JUST STUCK MY HAND IN!
Well I wanted to get some pictures of it so I had to fool with and brush it back into the can. I tried to capture it while it was on the end of a stick I was holding, but I found it very hard to get a picture of a moving spider using one hand to steady the camera and the stick. So I had to squish the spider:-( Which probably was my intention all along, cause what was I to do, leave a Black Widow roaming in my yard. It had already spent the night in my car where I had left the watering can the previous night.

Here it is. Freaky! I had never seen one in person before. But I sure knew what it was the first moment I saw it.

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  1. We used to get those all the time back home. We knew from a young age what to look for, these spiders sure do make it easy to spot them. Glad you weren't bit!