Friday, September 17, 2010

Seasons change

Time for me to start moving a head with my fall garden. I may even be a bit late on this, but I think I'm pacing myself just fine. By and large, most of the field is way overgrown with weeds and cover crops. I am going to address those this weekend with a long afternoon of weed-whacking. For starters I decided to tackle the tomatoes (which were overgrown with Morning Glory Vine) and peppers. This was going to be a fairly easy task thanks in part to the landscape fabric used this summer. It really did it's job at keeping the weeds down. So it was just a matter of cutting all the plants down and hauling them off.



I left the okra because I think we will be able to get one or two more harvests off of it. Check out how tall it is! Must be 8 feet.

After I clear the remaining area I'll move the fabric to its new section and get ready to start planting. I've started at the house. We've got Red Russian and Lacinato Kale, and Champion Collards. They have sprouted up adorably:-)

This weekend I am going to start some cabbage, and seed beets, carrots, and radishes. All of these seeds come from High Mowing Organic Seed Company in Vermont. They have some real quality seeds. I am consistently impressed with germination rates and caliber of the plants.

I am trying out some late season beans from some seeds I got from Curtis. I know this is a risky endeavor, but I've got nothing to lose:-) So far they look great. Granted it's only been a week.

I want to mention the lovely time I had at the MCG Children's Medical Center ( the other day. Each month Artists' Row (one of the Boards that I sit on sponsors a craft event for the children in the hospital. I volunteered to spearhead the project for September. I took in a bunch of terra cotta pots and paint and we all had a blast. Here are two pics from the afternoon.

Lastly, this afternoon kicks off Arts in the Heart and the Westobou Festival. I still have the most vivid memories of the festival last year and am wondering where the year went:-) The crafts on display are always such a site, the music and dance performances very memorable, and it really puts the town in a tizzy of excitement!

Hope to see you there!

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