Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Fall

Happy Fall everyone! I've had the shop door wide-open all week and I love listening to the sounds of the breeze and the cars much more than the AC rumbling. Granted it is still a bit hot out and some people might not be as comfortable with this as I am (for instance, my accountant who fainted here the other morning due to the heat), but I am loving it. There was a full moon the first night of this fall and it was beautiful.

So as you know from last time I am growing some beans at the house. They are doing okay. I mean I guess they are doing good, altho they did suffer a bit of sun-exposure burn the other day and I am a bit worried about this this afternoon since I have been gone all day and they haven't had a second watering. But I did ready the shade cloth this week and put it into action. I think after this week we should be in a bit better shape, but with the heat still going up to the mid-90's the plants really needed it. Let's thank The Giver cause it looks like we might get some rain soon. I'm excited about my radish and beet seedlings too!

Here are the beet sprouts. Barely as tall as my finger.

The radishes really jumped up in no time.

Here's some of the shade cloth in action. I'm using it on two of my beds at the house. I want to elevate it a bit. Haven't done that yet. It is helping.

To re-cap on Westobou. It was great this year. I am really sorry that I missed the Nina Simone Stage Production at Paine College, but I had a great time at Lou Ann Zimmerman's Whiskey Painting event and on the Canal Cruise with with Wynn's. They perform folk and bluegrass classics. Here are two good pics of the Wynn's in front of two of Augusta's historic landmarks, The Textile Mill and Enterprise Mill.

Here are some links to people and places I mentioned.

Henry Wynn

The Augusta Canal is great for a cruise or for biking next to it.

Enterprise Mill

The Textile Mill Oral History

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