Friday, May 28, 2010

The Shop Garden

We've expanded the garden behind the shop this year. Brian's apprentice, David Gianino, helped him install the new beds and get the plants planted. We used all the compost we had been generating over the last year, and check out all the worms that were helping in the process - YEAH WORMS! We are trialing two kinds of summer cover crops - the Sorghum/Sudan Grass is on the right and Buckwheat on the left. They are growing quickly. And the Lovely Nasturtiums are putting on lots of tasty flowers. More to come.....

Deema's Garden at Augusta Prep

Deema Elchoufi, a senior at Augusta Prep, has revived a neglected and over-grown garden on campus as her senior project. It's located down by the lower school. I'm really proud of her and flattered to have been her Off-Campus Advisor for this project. Here she is standing near some of the raised beds. She's also created and installed a sensory garden - so cool. Way to go Deema! I know Prep is going to miss you.

Stinkin' Smilax

I thought this was the coolest! It's Smilax, which is such a pest in the garden. I was tearing out big thorny limbs from the Cherry Laurel in our front yard and I found this guy holding on for dear life.

Flowers in My Yard

I have many more to come, but for starts here are two of my favorite flowers of this season so far. The Trillium was a gift last year and I honestly thought I had lost it this past winter. Imagine my excitement when I almost stepped on it this spring - it was in full bloom. The other is this unbelievable Hibiscus I just got the other day. That flower is as big as my face!

Inside the Shop

Here's the view of the shop as you come in the front door. You'll usually find me sitting in that spot hard at work on the computer.

An image of the varied fertilizers and amendments that we carry.


These are some of the tools that we carry. I'll get a good pictures of the Okatsune tools up in a bit. We keep those under lock.

Staghorn Ferns resting on the rain barrels.

So finally I think I have figured out how to upload pictures and get this blog going like I want. It's taken me a while, but here we go. I'm going to start with some picture of the shop because I realize there aren't even any of those posted.

These are the awesome Pitcher Plants we carry, Nepenthes Miranda. They are real show stoppers. We only have them in once every few months and they sell quickly. We should be getting some more in next weekend.

These are Flapjack Kalanchoe's. I've had one for a few years that I keep in a pot. They get full sun in the summer and turn a beautiful red. Do bring them in cause they typically won't overwinter outside, although I am going to try this year and see what happens with one that I've just recently planted in the ground.

I love Escheveria! Love love love them. I took a few of these home when they first came in.

These Zamiacalcus, ZZ plant for short, are our top seller. They are neglect-loving plants!

A view of the luscious front area of our shop. What a lovely working environment.